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 System Mechanic Standard + Pro Edition

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Kayıt tarihi : 05/04/10

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System Mechanic Standard + Pro Edition

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System Mechanic Standard + Pro Edition |82.47 Mb

System Mechanic Professional, güvenlikle, optimizasyonla, sistem hatalarıyla, bakımla, bilgisayarı hızlandırmakla ilgili herşeyi yapar, sizi yönlendirir, çaba gerektirmez.

System Mechanic Professional Özellikleri:
Spyware dosyalarını bulup temizler
Disk birleştiricisini çalıştırır
Sistem hatalarını en aza indirir
İnternete ulaşımı hızlandırır
Sistem karmaşıklığını temizler
Hafızayı birleştirir
Registry' yi düzenler
Popup pencereleri engeller
Programların bakım-onarımı yapar
Windows' un güvenlik kusurlarını onarır
Tehlikeli programların başlamasını engeller
Windows açılışını hızlandırabilir
Herhangi bir programı yükler/siler
Windows' un görünürdeki ayarlarını onarır
Sistemleri hemen karşılaştırma yapar ve kaydeder

System Mechanic®️ keeps your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. Its powerful arsenal of 40+ award-winning precision tools fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically. Over 98% of PC problems are caused by clutter and faulty settings that are the result of everyday PC use. System Mechanic automatically repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans out clutter, and tunes up your PC - so that it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster! Don't waste money on expensive "experts" to fix your PC when System Mechanic will repair, tune, and maintain it for you! Enjoy that new PC feeling again. Clear out clutter and errors for improved speed and reliability. Optimize your PC to play the latest high-performance games at maximum speeds. Accelerate download and web surfing speeds up to 300%.

System Mechanic®️ 9 - Boost your computer's performance and stability with advanced PC tune-up. System Mechanic gives you over 40 automatic tools to clean hard drive clutter, repair your registry, defragment drives and memory, and optimize system and internet settings.

System Mechanic Professional®️ 9 - includes five award-winning products to give you the essential combination of internet security and PC optimization in one package: everything you need to keep your PC safe, fast, and error-free. Fix problems, boost performance, eliminate crashes, defend against spyware, viruses, and hacker threats, and much more. Use one centralized system dashboard to automatically perform all vital PC maintenance.

• Cleans, defrags, & repairs registry
• Accelerates PC startup 19 ways
• Defrags & recovers orphaned RAM
• Boosts internet speed
• Complete low-level drive defrag
• Turns off unused background programs

Advanced PC Tune-Up plus:
• Certified virus protection
• Internet intruder defense
• Deleted Data Rescue
• Secure Data Removal

iolo AntiVirus™️ provides industry-certified protection from viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats by using an advanced real-time engine that provides continuous maximum protection. It includes fully integrated email scanning, hourly virus definition updates, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to maintain a permanently virus-free PC.

iolo Personal Firewall™️ blocks unwanted communication to and from PCs, keeping private information safe from hackers and identity thieves. Its proprietary IntelliDefense®️ system eliminates security guesswork by automatically deciding which programs should connect to the internet using a program database of thousands of behavior profiles.

Search and Recover™️ rescues accidentally deleted pictures, videos, email messages, documents, spreadsheets, system files, and any other file or folder from hard drives, CD/DVDs, music players, digital cameras, memory cards, and virtually all other portable digital devices.

DriveScrubber®️ securely erases sensitive data to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands when selling, donating, recycling, or reassigning a computer. DriveScrubber overwrites and removes information permanently, using strict government and military standards to provide protection from even the most sophisticated forensic recovery methods.

System Mechanic®️ 9 Professional Features:
• Optimize your PC for peak performance
• Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from re-occurring
• Clean up system clutter
• Remove spyware and fix security vulnerabilities
• Maintain reliability and speed
• iolo AntiVirus™️ - protect against viruses, worms, trojans, and other threats
• iolo Personal Firewall™️ - protect against hackers, Internet intruders, and other unwanted communication
• Search and Recover™️ - recover deleted files, photos, email, and more from any drive or media
• DriveScrubber®️ - securely erase data from your hard drive

What's new in version 9:
• Tune-up Definitions™️. Diagnose and resolve 1000's of new problems
• EnergyBooster™️. Turn off unused programs for max performance
• Registry Tuner. Detect and fix up to 500% more registry problems
hundreds more enhancements that make System Mechanic more effective than ever before!


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Size: 63.64 MB

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System Mechanic Standard + Pro Edition
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